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01 Induktions Meditation
02 -
03 Auslöschung - Fontaneller Auswurf
04 Six Lanterns - Hirnrinde Umstülpung
05 Six Lanterns (Harz)
06 (Einführender) Holzbrei Einlauf
07 Kopfbrei Schwarz
08 How to Die (I)
09 How to Die (II)
10 How to Die (III)
11 How to Die (IV)
12 How to Die (V)
13 How to Die (VI)
14 Tod am Bach (Death and Disposal)
15 Licht (Unborn Light)
16 Zwergenerscheinung (The Apparition)
17 Berg (Ritueller Aufstieg)
18 Im Mehlsack
19 Meditation on Death (2te Initiation - Mahl der
Aaskäfer und Fliegenmaden)
20 (Dreifaltige) Blutanfaulung (rec. 1976, 2016)
21 Faulblut und Ziegenmilch
22 From Inside Out (Spell)
23 No Exit (2)
24 Im Aasgeruch (The Cannibal)
25 Hexenerscheinung
26 Galgenbergs kalter Ofen
27 Galgenbergs komprimierte Bosheit
28 No Exit (3)
29 Beelzefest
30 Schmerzmasse abfaulend
31 Ishikiri (2)
release date September 1, 2018


Compact disc, 31 tracks, 66 minutes, 4-panel digipak. Shrink-wrapped. Artwork / photo by

Om Kult 1 - the first set of 31 tracks of the Om Kult 3CD triptych, recorded and processed at Om Kult Osaka between 2016 and 2018. Evolving from his extended “Brainnectar” studies on psycho-spiritual cleansing rituals derived from various shamanic and yogatantric traditions - and his examinations of aural hallucinations and paranormal perceptions - focuses now on the occult knowledge and techniques for the transition from life to death, on the ejecting mind as well as on the decomposing human body.
Field recordings of Japanese forests, creeks and waterfalls, haystacks and dirt piles, maggots and flies feeding on carcasses, monks chanting and obscured voices from occult activities meet complex structures of seemingly minimalist sine wave and noise compounds, moldy tape hiss, rattling and drumming at absurd covens, digging in dirt and scraping on wood, decaying drones, abrupt bewildering noises and blackmetalesque grunts.

And the mind leaks into non-dual awareness.
- Om Kult, Osaka

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