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256 brainnectar
Disc 1

01 entering emptiness
02 reside in emptiness
03 kala - the black one
04 realizing emptiness
05 black nectar
06 oh, black nectar
07 generating psychic heat
08 the thousand-petalled brain
(for perineal contraction)
09 yellow smell of death
10 psychic heat rising - piercing the
11 chöd - cutting the ego
12 burning the ego
13 touching totality / exploring death
14 (rite) for piano and rectal contraction
15 shakti, shakti, fountainhead!
16 biting stench and witches
(bird ritual)
17 death and decomposition
(corpse ritual)
18 black smell of death
19 kali - the black one
20 clear light of death
21 tantric tv
Disc 2

01 burning all ignorance
02 the art of dying / bhujanga
03 n/um (neural carnival)
04 maa kala ratri
05 psychic fire, phem! phem!
(heating brainnectar)
06 the wicked flutist
07 dripping brainnectar (down the spine)
08 kundalini mata shakti
09 transferring consciousness
10 gtummo - the fierce one
11 my corpses decay
12 kazak, kak, kak! (the psychopompos)
13 (riding the) seven-trunked elephant
14 levitating elephant (lifting the anus
towards the navel)
15 concentrating all internal sounds at the
top of the brain
16 ejecting consciousness
(out - through the cranial vertex)
17 neuromagnetic stimulation and witches
18 collecting brainnectar (in the throat)
19 bees suckle at my brain
20 nectar - the great stream
21 yellow heat / transforming death
release date August 1, 2014


2 compact discs, 42 tracks, 128 minutes, 6-panel booklet. Shrink-wrapped with obi. Artdirection by

Brainnectar is’s most developed program to date, combining psychodynamic audio-environments built from specific nature-sounds and extreme acoustics, often including ecstatic elements on instruments of shamanic origin. Binaural beats as well as isochronic tones stimulate a direct neural reaction to this unique and unheard audio-art.
In addition, the grand lady of japanese extreme music - screamvocalist Junko Hiroshige (Hijokaidan) - participates on several tracks throughout this double CD package.
The title Brainnectar is derived from tantric techniques raising psycho-physical energy, or inner fire, from the perineum up to the top of the brain, from where it drips (as nectar). This consciousness-expanding heating and dripping during creation and/or reception of Brainnectar is given priority over any musical aesthetics.

“Once we open up to the flow of the energy within our own body, we also open up to the flow of energy in the universe.”
- Wilhelm Reich

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