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Sha05 om 3
01 Induktions Meditation
02 -
03 Ausfaulung (My Cadaver)
04 Eindunklung
05 From Inside Out
06 Psigong
07 Kotbrei aufkochend (Absterbung)
08 Om Kult Backyard
09 Hirnbrut Schwarz
10 o.T . (Spell)
11 Fauligfeuchtes Geschlechtsfleisch
12 Baking Bread in a Cold Oven (Leichenbegattung)
13 a.a.s.b
14 Haselnussruten
15 Brown Opera
16 Ich Auslöschung
17 ...nach unten
18 Hexenritt
19 Strick und Schneckenschleim
20 Six Lanterns - Kopfhaut Umstülpung
21 Fontanelle Durchstechung (Phowa)
22 Kopfschwarte (Skalp und Hirnsaft)
23 Auch ein Ziegenbock
24 Kotbeschwörung
25 Lebensbach
26 Entsamung und Ausstopfung
27 Rituelle Entkörperung
28 Triebschlag (rec. 1991, 2016)
29 Rituelle Hirnentrindung
30 ...nach oben
31 Dying Process
release date March 1, 2019


Through shamanic purification, abreactive aktionismus and psychoactive acoustics Rudolf generates a witchesʼ brew of uncanny noise and sonic environments into which he plants weird psychomagick spells and occult yogic instructions.

Rudolf has been active working on extreme music and art since the mid 80s. With his Schimpfluch outsider- artistsʼ group and under the now obsolete moniker Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck he combined radical cut-up de/compositions with psycho-physical exercises. Having conquered the nether scatological regions of the human psyche and aiming on the detachment from the ego, induced psycho-spiritual cleansing rituals derived from various shamanic and tantric traditions. Now he gives us a glimpse into occult techniques for the transition from life to death.

Om Kult : Ritual Practice of Conscious Dying - Vol. III contains the third 31 tracks of the Om Kult trilogy - or triptych - as, a painter, prefers to term it, not implying any timeline. The main body of the Om Kult triptych was recorded and processed between 2016 and 2018, evolving from his extended “Brainnectar” studies on psycho-spiritual forces (SHA 02, 2CD) and examinations of personal psychotic episodes with aural hallucinations and paranormal perceptions. The focus now is on the occult knowledge and practice of conscious dying; on the ejecting mind as well as on the decomposing human body.
The main sound sources are Eb.erʼs field recordings of Japanese forests, creeks and waterfalls, haystacks and dirt piles, maggots and flies feeding on carcasses, monks chanting and eerie obscured voices from occult activities. The highly complex structures of the seemingly minimalist sine wave and noise compounds, the moldy cassette tape hiss, the rattling and drumming at absurd covens, the digging in dirt and scraping on wood, the decaying drones, abrupt bewildering noises and blackmetalesque grunts leave the listeners body consumed by insects and the mind leaking into non-dual awareness.

Om Kult is a foundation based in Osaka and publisher for “Okkulte und Psychoaktive Musick”.
Conscious Dying refers to Phowa, a meditation practice for the transference of consciousness at the time of death. The term ʻConscious Dyingʼ is also used as moniker for other works related to Om Kult.
Rudolf (Austrian-Swiss) lives and works in Osaka, Japan.

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